GTA Online Capture Creator Now Available - #CaptureWeekend

The Capture Creator update for GTA Online we mentioned earlier this week is now available. With over 4 million player-created deathmatches and races already available, the addition of Capture Creator gives the community even more freedom to create their own customised jobs. As they've done in the past with deathmatches and races, Rockstar will be periodically reviewing your creations and deeming the best ones R* Verified.
To kickstart the creatives among you, Rockstar is holding a little contest. Here's the details if you're up for a challenge:

Title Update 1.12 Arrives With Tons of Fixes, GTA Online Capture Creator Coming Friday

Pretty big update for GTAV/GTA Online today with Rockstar releasing title update 1.12 for both PS3 and Xbox 360 consoles. There is an absolute ton of changes, fixes, updates etc. which we'll list at the end of this post.
Rockstar have also announced that from now until Friday - when Capture Creator arrives - you can get double RP and GTA$ from any of the official Capture jobs currently available.

GTA: Online Spring Updates - Heists Are On The Way

Rockstar have just announced their plans for Spring updates to GTA Online, including (finally) the addition you've all been waiting for: Heists!
Below is a full summary of what to expect from forthcoming updates, but first, some highlights:

GTA Online: The Business Update Coming Next Week

Rockstar have announced that the free DLC pack entitled The Business Update will be arriving next week on Tuesday, 4th March.

Thrill-seekers and weekend warriors can hop in any of three all-new, blazing fast sports cars: the Albany AlphaDinka Jester and Grotti Turismo R... or take to the skies in the new Vestra airplane.

Take to the skies in the luxurious Vestra.

GTA Online Valentine's Day Massacre Special

It's been a while since we had any notable news to post, but today Rockstar announced a special event starting this weekend - the Valentine's Day Massacre.


GTA: San Andreas for Mobile Now On Android & Kindle Devices, New Trailer and Giveaway

Rockstar successfully launched GTA: San Andreas on iOS devices last month, followed by yet another unfortunate launch on Android a week before Christmas where no one was able to actually download the game on launch day. Naturally, Rockstar made good with an update to the Android version the next day, and the iOS version also received an update yesterday fixing a few bugs, and now they have finally officially announced the game's availability with a new trailer.

GTA Online Title Update 1.08 Adds New Capture Mode

The new capture mode for GTA Online, first teased a couple of weeks, is now live with title update 1.08 for GTAV. Capture is Rockstar's unique take on the well known "Capture the Flag" mode seen in many multiplayer games. Capture has four different modes, here's what Rockstar have to say about each one:

Fight for exclusive import rights at Los Santos International in one of the new Capture mode Jobs in Grand Theft Auto Online.

GTA: San Andreas Released on iOS

It's here, the epic game first released back in 2004 on the PlayStation 2 has now available today for various iOS devices! There's still no official announcement from Rockstar about it, and the game has been available for almost 24 hours now in some countries such as Australia and New Zealand. GTA: San Andreas is one of the first games on the App Store to feature full support for MFi controllers. You'll need a fairly new-ish device to be able to run this demanding game, so do check the description for supported devices before purchasing. The game will set you back £4.99 / $ 6.99 / €5.99.

GTA Online Update: Deathmatch & Race Creators Beta, Capture Mode

GTA Online has another free update on the way, perhaps as soon as tomorrow according to Rockstar. The two major additions arriving in this upcoming title update are a beta version of the content creator which will allow us to make our own deathmatches and races, as well as a new Capture game mode, Rockstar's own take on the popular 'Capture the Flag' game mode seen in most FPS games.

GTA: San Andreas Is Coming to Mobile Devices in December

Wow, bet some of you never expected this! Many thought that the sheer size and scale of 2004's GTA: San Andreas (in comparison to GTA III and Vice City) would mean that it would be unlikely that we ever saw a release to follow its predecessors on iOS and Android. But today, Rockstar have announced that the game that some describe as the best of that decade, will indeed be coming to select iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices in December.

GTA Online Beach Bum Update Now Available

The Beach Bum update for GTA Online is now available with the latest title update (1.06) available to both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 users. The title update also fixes a whole bunch of exploits and bugs in the game, and also offers some welcome improvements. Racers who regularly race 'Down The Drain' will be pleased to know that the cardboard boxes that would sometimes wreck your car causing you to lose the race have now been removed.
Other welcome improvements include the fact that idiots driving their cars into your stationary tank will no longer be committing "insurance fraud" causing you to have to pay out money to them for destroying their car.
Below are the full details of the update straight from Rockstar:

GTA Online Free Beach Bum Update Coming Next Tuesday, New Wallpapers

Rockstar have finally announced that the free Beach Bum update coming to GTA Online will hit your consoles next week on Tuesday, 19th November. The update brings two new weapons, four new vehicles, loads of new jobs, and plenty more apparel, hairstyles and tattoos.
You can read Rockstar's summary of all the new content below:


Get ready to hit the beach with all new Jobs with the Beach Bum update for Grand Theft Auto Online, coming November 19th.

The First GTAV Stunt Videos

Ever since the release of GTA III and the Insane Stunt Bonuses that could be achieved by completing certain jumps, people have been wanting to perform bigger and bigger stunts. The late Odie helped things along with his great little stunt park mod, while the inclusion of motorcycles in Vice City propelled the scene forward leaps and bounds. I even made a couple of videos myself before stunting really got popular (by today's standards they are both absolutely awful, but show just how far stunting has come since then).

Snapmatic Photo Contest: #EpicPhotobomb

GTAV Artwork Update - Franklin and Chop

Rockstar released some new official artworks earlier today. Technically they're not new, but until now we didn't have high resolution official desktop wallpapers of these. First up is Chop standing guard after tearing up some Balla scum, while owner Franklin deals with the FIB using his Heavy Sniper.
See more on our GTAV Artwork page.

GTAV Shipped 29 Million Units in First 6 Weeks

Take Two released its second quarter 2014 earnings report today, in it they revealed that they've sold-in (shipped to retailers) 29 million units of GTA V so far in the first 6 weeks. To put things in perspective, this is more copies than GTA IV sold-in in its entire lifetime.
The press release went on to mention more records, including those we posted about last month:

iFruit for Android Released, Plus GTAV Themes for PS3 & Xbox 360

Rockstar have finally released the free iFruit app for Android today. The delayed release comes 6 weeks after its iOS counterpart, and unsurprisingly because of this many fans are still angry and are venting their frustration with negative reviews. Many simply can't understand what has taken so long, saying the app is clearly a port of the iOS app (for whatever reason it does appear that Rockstar chose to ignore Android guidelines - we see the iOS tab bar in the screenshots too). A number also appear to be frustrated by the app crashing on start up, but these kind of reviews are common among Android apps, and may not be entirely Rockstar's fault.

Grand Theft Auto Online Update

In case you missed it, Rockstar have posted a quick update on the state of GTA Online, including the GTA$ Stimulus Package that was promised. Read below for details on upcoming features and additions.

GTA Online Players to Receive GTA$500,000 for Free


Last Minute GTA Online Details

Rockstar have finally let us in on some more details for GTA Online, including the all important question: "when will we be able to play!?"
A small patch will be rolling out on Xbox Live and PSN servers starting early morning in the US, that's from about 7 AM EST, so from 12 PM in the UK, early afternoon in the rest of Europe. Once this has been downloaded you should be able to access it. Remember you can jump into online by selecting the 4th (bottom quadrant) in your character selection wheel. Many people have been asking when GTA Online takes place, some were incorrectly told it follows on from GTA V, it doesn't, it is set before GTA V. Rockstar have now confirmed the events take place a few months before GTA V's story starts.

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